Mekong Delta Provinces Urged to Boost Catfish Farming With Technology

Mekong Delta provinces have been urged to use advanced technology in Tra fish (Basa) production so as to offer value-added products and boost exports. The request was expressed by Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development who pointed out that catfish exports should reach more than USD 2 billion as no other country has the advantage that Vietnam does in this sector, Vietnam News reported.
The minister also said that one of the key solutions for Pangasius farming was “Sustainable development” through cuttingædge technology and urged provinces to re-plan production and diversify their products, with priority given to value-added products, diversifying export markets.
The catfish industry in Vietnam faced a number of challenges, including barriers from import markets in the first seven months of the year. Sorne of these challenges, such as an antidumping duty and a catfish inspection programme, prevented local seafood enterprises from promoting exports of catfish to the US market. At the same time, exports of catfish to the EU continue to decline while Saudi Arabia continues to suspend imports of seafood products from Vietnam. Further challenges for the Vietnamese pangasius industry have been presented due to the fact that while China remains a consumer of Vietnamese pangasius products, it is likely to become a potential catfish supplier to the world.
Official statistics reveal that despite challenges, exports in the first seven months continued to increase by 19.3 per cent over the same period last year, reaching USD 1.19 billion. All in all, VASEP is seeing a recovery in the EU and South America, as well as good growth in the Chinese market with increasing demand for high value products. This shows that Vietnamese catfish is still attractive in the world market.

Source: Aquaculture Spectrum

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