RS & GIS in aquaculture practice and management

The main applications of remote sensing for aquaculture practice and management are: (i) inventory and monitoring of aquaculture and the environment; and (ii) environmental impacts of aquaculture. Monitoring of aquaculture […]

The main issues addressed by remote sensing in aquaculture development are: (i) strategic planning for development; and (ii) suitability of site and zoning; each issue presents different data requirements. Suitability […]

Research Achievements of ICAR-CIFA

ICAR-CIFA is a premier research Institute on freshwater aquaculture in the country under the aegis of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi. With the mission of ‘Excellence […]

Processing and Post-harvest Technology

Post-harvest technology and value addition has not yet received much attention in freshwater aquaculture sector. The subject has a major role to save wastage of eatable commodities of low grade […]

Farm Mechanization and Automation

Though mechanization and automation for many of fish farming activities are already in place in other  countries, many of such systems may not be cost effective to be used in […]