Farm Mechanization and Automation

Though mechanization and automation for many of fish farming activities are already in place in other  countries, many of such systems may not be cost effective to be used in […]

Organic Farming

Due to the increased health consciousness and increased purchasing power of the consumers, preference for organic fish has been increased in recent years. Though few studies on the organic fish […]

Integrated Multi-tropic aquaculture (IMTA)

Multi-tropic refers to the incorporation of species form different trophic or nutritional levels in the same system. This is one potential distinction form the age-old practice of aquatic polyculture, which […]

Climate Resilient Aquaculture

Global warming and associated climate change has now become a reality and therefore concerted efforts are needed to develop suitable mitigation strategies for any adverse impacts. Expected higher water temperature […]

System Diversification

Aquaculture systems range from very extensive, semi-intensive and highly intensive to hyper-intensive. Aquaculture systems range from traditional earthen pond to an intensive bio-secure indoor system monitored with high-tech equipment. Based […]

Water Management

International Water Management Institute (IWMI) revealed that by 2025, nearly 1/3rd of world’s population would live in the regions of severe water scarcity and the same proportion of population in […]

Species Diversification

As mentioned earlier, the freshwater aquaculture in India is mainly carp-based. The carps together contribute to more than 82% of total aquaculture production. However, since carp is considered as a […]