Central Aquaculture Genetics Laboratory

The command centre for all breeding programmes fo RGCA projects

The Central Aquaculture Genetics laboratory (CAGL) of MPEDA-RGCA is housed at the technology Transfer & Training Centre of RGCA at Sirkali, TamilNadu.

The Major objectives of CAGL are

  • The CAGL has the remarkable achievement of the identification of Indian mangrove mud crab species using multiple molecular markers for the first time in India.
  • Genetic improvement and management of selective breeding programmes running by RGCA
  • Implementation of molecular genetics tools for sustainable aquaculture.
  • Development of molecular markers for aquaculture species and their products which could be benefit fair trade by providing traceability, verifiability, certification, guarantee and purity.
  • The lab has already published the population structure analysis of Penaeus monodon using microsatellite loci in high impact international journal GENE.

RGCA’s Support

  • Hands- on training programme on “Application of Molecular Markers in Fisheries and Aquaculture”
  • Sequencing service for aquaculture stake holders
  • Awareness Campaigns on the importance of Genetics in Aquaculture
  • Among University students, Researchers and Academecians.

Source : RGCA

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