CMFRI Releases the Fish Landing Data 2016

The central marine fisheries Research Institute, Kochi,released the annual fish landing statistics for the year 2016 in press meet organised at he Institute on 19th May 2017. Dr.A Gopalkrishnan, Director, CMFRI welcomed the media persons and discussed the important changes in the capture fisheries and the research highlights of the Institute. Dr.Sathianandan, Head of Fishery Resource Assessment Division(FRAD) presented the salient points of he annual landing data. According to the data released, total landing in 2016 was 3.63 million T, as compared to 3.4 million T in 2015, showing a growth of 6.6%. State-wise Gujarat stoodfirst whereas W.B recorded the highest growth rate of 129%. Region wise, the west coast dominated over the east coast in overall contributions (N.West-11.8 lakh T, S.West-11.1 lakh T, N.East-3.9 lakh T,S.East-9.4 lakh T). Mechanised sector was responsible for 82% of the landings 17% and 1% respectively. Among the mechanised crafts, multiday trawlwers contributed more than 50% of the sectors catch. Kerala recorded highest species diversity(487) in the landings followedby Tamil Nadu (414), Maharashtra(289), and Gujarat(234).

Maritime State/UT Landing lakh t Increase(+) or Decrease(-)% Major Resources (%contribution)
2016 2015
West Bengal(8%) 2.72 1.19 129 Hilsa shad(0.89),  Bombay duck(0.31)
Odisha(3%) 1.17 1.41 -16.7 Croakers(0.17), Penaeid prawns(0.14)
Andhrapradesh (5%) 1.92 2.95 -35 Lesser sardines(0.24), mackerel(0.23)
Tamil Nadu(20%) 7.07 7.09 -0.3 Lesser sardines(0.24), Oil sardines(0.23)
Puducherry(1%) 0.45 0.79 -42.9 Penaeid prawns(0.05), Oil sardines(0.04)
Kerela(4%) 5.23 4.82 8.3 Scads(0.54), mackerel(0.47)
Karnataka(15%) 5.3 4.43 19.6 Mackerel(0.88), other perches (0.70)
Goa(2%) 0.61 0.69 -10.7 Oil sardine(0.25), mackerel(0.41)
Maharashtra 2.92 2.65 10.4 Penaeids(0.32), Non-Penaeids(0.31)
Gujarat(21%) 7.74 7.21 7.3 Non-Penaeid(1.18), ribbonfish(0.95)
Damn &Diu 1.17 0.81 43.4 Ribbonfish(0.22), Threadfin breams(0.09)



Source: Fishing Chimmes

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