CMFRI’s Cage Farming Initiative Turns Huge Hit

A total of 60cage farming enterprises in Pizhala Island help increase fish production;

Around 100 farmers including women are involved in the venture

At a time when the capture fisheries is undergoing a stagnation period, Pizhala, the island village in Kochi is in limelight for ushering in a fish farming revolution. The farmers, including the women groups in the island, yielded a mega harvest of pearl spot, seabass and tilapia in cage culture. Around 100 farmers took part in as many as 60 cage farming enterprises under the guidance of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) in Pizhala Island in Kadamakkudi Panchayat.

The farming started even months ago by stocking the fish seeds in cages made of GI pipes with a width and length of four metre having a six metre depth. During the harvest, done prior to the Christmas, the farmers got the seabass with an average weight of 3.5 kg and pearl spot with 250g.

The cage farming has been proved less expensive and economically viable, said Dr A. Gopalakrishnan, Director of CMFRI. “An amount of Rs. 100 only is required to produce a kilo gram f pearl spot by using cage farming method. But the farmer will get Rs. 500 to 600 for a kg of live pearl spot farmed in cages”, he said.

He also said that CMFRI would provide all technical guidance to the farmers for popularizing the novel farming initiative among them. “CMFRI will focus on boosting the eco-friendly farming models by directing the farmers to undertake cage farming by not disrupting the ecology of the water bodies”, Dr Gopalakrishnan said.

CMFRI’s efforts have helped to bring in changes in the Island. Its initiative ot start cage farming in the area has attracted more people into the fish farming venture”, Sarma said. S Sarma also pointed out that a proposal would be prepared to explore the prospects of aqua trourism in Kadamakkudi panchayat.

According to Dr Imelda Joseph, CMFRI laid emphasis for women empowerment by attracting women groups into the cage farming.

Salini Babu, President of Kadamakkudi Panchayat, Seena Francis, Member of Block Panchayat, Prakashan, Ward Member, Manikandan, Fisheries Coordinator and Ajitha, fish farmer spoke on the occasion.

Source : Fishing Chimes

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