Govt establishing brood bank for endangered ‘Masheer’ fish

Jammu Kashmir Government is establishing a brood bank for once popular now at the verge of extinction fresh water fish ‘Masheer’

The fish popularly known as water tiger in Kashmir for its giant size and fighting strength has almost vanished from the Kashmir Rivers, which were once famous for angling of this fresh water carp.

Government today said that it has already floated tenders for construction of Fresh Water Brood Bank and the work will commence soon.

“The tenders for construction of Fish Seed Hatcheries and have been floated and the work would be started soon after the process is completed,” Fisheries Minister Mir Zahoor Ahamad was today told, according to an official statement.

Mir was holding a meeting to review the progress of the ‘Blue Revolution Scheme’ launched by the government of India to enhance the fish production.

The government is spending Rs 14.13 crore for Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries- the funds sanctioned for Jammu and Kashmir for the current fiscal year under Blue revolution.

Last year the department earned Rs 2.6 crore against sale of Trout Fish and as also realized revenue of Rs 80 lakh from Aquarium in Bhag-e-Bahu Jammu.

The meeting also discussed various issues including National Scheme for Welfare of Fishermen, renovation  of flood damaged ponds and low cost Re-circulatory Aquaculture System(RAS) scheme.

Fish Seed Hatcheries are presently functional in three buildings at Kokernag and have produced 15 lakh fisher lings of Trout during the current year so far and there problem of seed for next five years, the statement said.

Construction of 67 new Fresh Water Ponds and Tanks were sanctioned for his year of which work on Ponds is apace, the officials said adding the department has also started renovation work of 200 existing Ponds at an estimated cost of Rs 1.05 crore. It was informed that the work on these projects, sanctioned under Blue Revolution, is in full swing.

For strengthening Post-Harvest Infrastructure and transportation, it was informed in the meeting that 20 Units are proposed for providing Auto Rickshaw with Ice Box at a Unit cost of Rs 2 lakh each and 1200 Units for providing of Bicycles with Ice Box at the rate of Rs 3000 per Unit.

Source: MPEDA

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