GROUPER (Epinephelus sp)

Emerging high valued Marine Fin fish for Aquaculture and live fish export

  • Grouper or cods are commercially very important marine food fishes and are very expensive species.
  • The export market for grouper is rapidly increasing specially in Hong Kong,Singapore and Japan. Live harvested fish are fetching much higher price (US$30 per kg) than the frozen (US$ 4 per kg) in the market.
  • The in-shore facility of Grouper Project of RGCA is located at Kodi-yaghat village in South Andamans and the Sea Cage farm of the project is located off Rutland Islands, South Andamans.
  • The project standardized the breeding and cage farming of Tiger Grouper Epinephelus euscoguttatusand also succeeded in the breeding of coral grouper Epinepheleus coioids.

RGCA’s Support

  • Technical guidance for the hatchery and grow-out practices of Tiger Grouper
  • Supply of tiger grouper seeds
  • Consultancy services for the establishment of grouper hatchery

Source : RGCA

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