ICAR-CMFRI develops anti-obesity medicine from seaweed

Kochi: In a major advancement in the natural health care industry of the country, the Kochi headquartered ICAR- Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has developed an anti-obesity nutraceutical form seaweeds. The produced named Cadalmin Antihypercolesterolemic extract is a natural remedy for obesity and dyslipidemia. CMFRI scientists prepared the extract form seaweeds which are commonly available in the Indian coastal waters and are natural bounty of the sea and are known for their extraordinary medicinal properties.

Dr Kajal Chakraborty, Senior Scientist in Marine Biotechnology Division of CMFRI, who developed the product, said bioactive pharmacophore leads form seaweeds were used to prepare the nutraceutical product. Cadalmin Antihypercholesterolemic extract cab be administered to regulate clinical indicators leading todyslipidemia or obesity, total adipose tissue and visceral fat, triglycerides, cholesterol, bth good and bad, known as HDL and LDL. The product contains 100% natural marine bioactive ingredients form selected seaweeds by a patented technology, and would be made available in 400 mg capsules”, he said.

The nutraceutical does not have any side effects as estabilished b detailed preclinical trials. Cadalmin Antihypercholesterolemic extract is the only product made by 100% natural marine bioactive ingredients from seaweeds as a natural remedy of obesity and dyslipidemia, as far as our knowledge goes” Dr Chakraborty added.

Dr P Vijayagopal, Head, Marine Biotechnology Division said that the active ingredients in the product would be packed in plant-based capsules to meet the dietary needs of the large vegetarian population in India and abroad. “Cadalmin Antihypercholesterolemic extract has a promising consumer appeal, and market potential especially for the India and abroad”, he added.

Large scale extraction of the active principles from the raw material was optimized in a factory unit. The total yield of the active principles form the raw material in the factory unit was found to be greater than 20%, which demonstrated the commercial feasibility of the nutraceutical product. The product is being out-licensed to a pharmaceutical company”, he said.

Source : Aqua International

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