India and Bangladesh sign MoU for cooperation in marine navigation

India and Bangaldesh, as part of a regional cooperation initiative, signed a MoU on Aids t Navigation (Ato N). Under the agreement, India will advise Bangladesh on A to N capacity building for the overall marine navigation development of the South Asian region.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires nations all over the world to provide A to N in their waters as per international norms and guidelines for the effective and safe navigation of vessel traffic. Liththouses, DGPS, beacons, navigational and mooring buoys are some of the main instruments deployed for navigation in the sea. Directorate General of Lighthouses & Lightships (DGLL) is the authority in India responsible for management and setting up of A to N in India’s oceanic territory.

According to the MoU, DGLL will organize training programs for the A to N management and technical personnel of Bangladesh. On the behalf of Indian Ministry of Shipping, DGLL will also advice the Ministry of Shipping, Bangladesh in matters like Chain of Automatic Identification System and Vessel Traffic Service.

The training programs will be designed according to modules designed by international A to N regulator IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities).

Source: MPEDA

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