Shrimp Harvesters – The Advanced Technology

Shrimp harvesting plays a major role in the efficient and profitable operation of farms. Shrimp Harvesting can be successfully only if the shrimp is harvested within the stipulated short period of time. Through rapid harvesting the shrimp will be fresh

How to harvest shrimp?

Take amounts of shrimp that the net can handle at a time, and transfer them into a cage or box. You will have to repeat the process of seining, keeping one end stationary and rotating the other end. To remove the faster growing shrimp from your pond at regular intervals, you’d use the cull harvesting system

Shrimp Harvesters

WESTCOAST Group is the first company to import and use a shrimp harvester at its shrimp farms in Gujarat. The shrimp farms took aquaculture to the next level by setting new standards like high quality shrimp, easier way of harvesting shrimp

The harvesters are designed such that shrimp are left completely intact. Usage of shrimp harvesters resulted in positive output right from set-up versatility, to the quality of the harvested shrimp, as well as the best ways of handling the shrimp once they were harvested. The results have yielded a high quality shrimp which means more profit to the farmer.

  • Shrimp harvesters have the capacity to handle large volume of shrimp with a short time.
  • The harvester machine lifts the shrimp out of water slowly
  • Less man power is required
  • Maximum shrimp can be harvested with a very less time.

Role of Shrimp Harvesters

Shrimp harvesting machines has the capability of handling large volumes of shrimp, without the need to stop water flow during harvest. After using these shrimp harvesters there is no need to be handpicked the leftover shrimp, all the shrimp in the pong are harvested with these harvesters.

These advanced methods of shrimp harvesting provides the required consistent chilling every time. No crush of shrimp happens with these systems. These harvesters can be adjusted depending on the size of the shrimp, there are adjust bars to do so and also water graders to disperse the water and on catch the shrimp. These advanced systems leads to successful Aquaculture.

As per the report of statistics, in volume among the various types of seafood consumed in the United States, and each American eats about 4.1 pounds of shrimp per year. Shrimp consumption in the U.S. also crosses all geographic and demographic boundaries and is equally popular in homes and restaurants, to meet the demand it is very important that the harvesting process should be ideally good such that it dies not incur loss of the species and leads to successful Aquaculture.


Source: Aquadeals

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