Species Diversification

As mentioned earlier, the freshwater aquaculture in India is mainly carp-based. The carps together contribute to more than 82% of total aquaculture production. However, since carp is considered as a low-valued fish, there is a need to make the aquaculture activity more remunerative. One of the possible ways for realization of the higher profit is through introduction of high valued species into the carp culture system. Fortunately, the country is blessed with rich diversity of potential cultivable fish fauna which includes minor carps and barbs having regional market preference, freshwater prawn, murrels, catfish, etc. In recent times, ICAR-CIFA has developed protocols for breeding, seed production and grow-out farming of several potential candidate species that includes minor carps, barbs, catfishes, murrels, anabas etc. These species also offer scope for diversifying their culture system into more rewarding farming systems. Intercropping of minor carps in the conventional carp polyculture and culture of minor carps in seasonal ponds have been introduced in the farming sector of certain states and have proved to be more rewarding. Further monoculture of either catfish or freshwater prawn or their polyculture with carps have also proved to yield higher income besides increasing the scope of availability of varied fish protein satisfying the consumer’s wider choices.


Source: Aqua Aquaria India

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