State Govt.seeks support of scientific community

Kochi :The State Government has sought the support of the scientific community central Marine Fisheries Research Institute(CMFRI) to implement the much coveted Aquarian Reforms Policy in Kerala.

Minister for Finance DrThomas Issac on Tuesday said the government would be ready to consider the inputs from the government would be ready to consider the inputs from the scientific community in this regard.”The State government will consider the proposals being submitted by the CMFRI on adequate technologies, fishing methods, regulations and ownership rights of fisher folks in order to bring in the Aquarian Reforms in Kerela”, he said.

He was speaking at a meeting with the CMFRI Director and Heads of the Divisions.

Sustainable Management practices are required to save the fisheries sector, he said adding that the government is hopeful to implement the reform policy in Kerela.”The government wants to formulate the policy by laying emphasis on the pratical aspects to implement it effectively”,he said.

Dr Issac lauded the CMFRI for its efforts to prepare the draft mariculture policy in the country. He also said that scientists should focus on value added productions from the aquatic species.”Emulating the success model of calm fishery in Ashtamudi lake which got Marine Stewardship Council(MSC) certification, similar intitative should be taken by the CMFRI in the case of clam fishery in Vembanadu lake”,the minister said.The government would extend full support for research works meant for upgrading the socio-economic status of fisher folks in the State, he added.

CMFRI Director Dr A Gopalkrishnan apprised the minister of various research activities of the institute. Dr R Narayanakumar, Dr P Vijayagopal, Dr T V Satyanandan, Dr K K Joshi, Dr P U Zacharia, Dr V Kripa, Dr Imelda Joseph and DrBoby Ignatius attended the meeting.

With a vision to manage, protect, enhance and develop fisheries and aquaculture in the state of west Bengal, Department of Fisheries, Go WB is constantly implementing innovative and need-based schemes for productions enhancement and socio-economic upliftment of the fisherfolks and fish farmers towards achieving /fulfilling the slogan “Sobar jonno maachh,sob jolasoyey maachh”,it means’Fish for all and fish in all water bodies’(Courtesy: Hon’ble Minister, Department of Fisheries, Go WB and Directorate of Fisheries, Government of WB). To support the pragmatic approach of the State Government which is poised for a new growth era and which would be of immense interest to the business and corporate fraternity in WB to go for investments, Bengal Fish Fest 2017 was organized by Department of Fisheries, Go WB in association with Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, at Nalban Food Park , Salt Lake, Kolkata during January 6th-8th, 2017. It provided an opportunity to sea food and fishery industry leaders, entrepreneurs and service providers to showcase their products, services, technologies and their benefits to the participants and users in the sector/industry.

Scientific seminar on fisheries and aquaculture to discuss about the current happenings and address the current issues pertaining to aquaculture, fish feed and other aspects was organized on the occasion, culinary/cuisine competition on different recipes of fishes and prawns were organized at the venue to promote various fish cuisines; all recipes of fish food item in ready-to-eat form were available in the event

Renowned exclusive fish food enterprises/chains had put up stall with their variety of fish food items. Many companies doing business in fisheries and aquaculture sector in the country exhibited their products (Pelleted fish feed, fish medicines, pond fertilizers, fish growth promoters, aquarium model,etc.) and business in nicely set-up decorated stalls. MPEDA, WB University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, ornamental fish producers, Fishermen Co-operative Societies also set up stalls. There were live fishes like Exotic-type Anabas testudineus, Tilapia nilotica, Pangasius sp.,giant prawn,mud crab,fresh big sized Indian major carps exhibited for sale. Progressive and leading fish farmers and hatchery owners from all the districts of WB were inivited in this event; higher officials in WB Fisheries Department discussed different matters with them.

A grand fish festival (‘maachher mela’) was organized on January 15th 2017 at Vill. Krishnapur, P.O.Debanandapur under Chinsurah-Mogra Block, Dist.Hooghly, West Bengal; The Location is 1.25km Westside from Adisaptagram Railway Station on Howrah-Barddhaman mainline. Fish festival was held in open 80 decimal area, beside Saraswati river and the famous ancient Krishnapur Thakurbari – Mr Raghunath Das Goswami Sreepaath, Krishnapur. On this day, total 85 resource-rich fish sellers and traders put up stalls/ arrangements on ground and a large variety of fresh water, brackishwater and marine foodfishes of big size and best quality were displayed in bulk quantity and meant for sale.

This one-day festival is organized annually on first day of Magh month (Poila Magh)in Bengali calendar and is over five hundred years old;it was its consecutive 510th edition this year. Fish Traders from Hooghly,Howrah and Burdwan districts and Sealdah market had put up stalls; it started at 7.00am and continued till 7.30-8.00pm.

As it was Sunday,people from faraway places started to visit this fish festival from morning ,peak crowding was observed during 11.00am-3.00pm, many enthusiastic buyers and fish lovers stayed till late evening. At peak hours of festival, it was difficult even to walk through and have a glimpse of the familiar and less-familiar fishes of uncommon size. The freshwater, brackishwater and marine foodfish species of large size that were exhibited for sale were similar to that of previous year(2016) a detailed account of which was present in February 2016 issue of Aqua International. Present News communicator Subrato Ghosh participated in both the events at Nalban Food Park, Kolkata and at Krishnapur, Dist.Hooghly.

Source : Aqua International

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