Aqua Aquaria India May 14-16th, 2017 @ Mangalore

Aqua Aquaria India 2017 offers an ideal platform of stakeholders of aquaculture and ornamental fish to meet, deliberate on various aspects and to have an update latest development in the fields. The forthcoming edition of Aqua Aquaria India, The fourth one in its present format, will showcase the recent advances in Aquaculture and ornamental fish breeding/ rearing Technology for encouraging diversification. World renowned experts will be invited to deliver technical sessions on topic of current interest.

Most Anticipated shown in Aquaculture

The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) is organizing Aqua Aquaria India, one of the largest Aquaculture cum Aquaculture shows in Asia. As a biennial event concentrating on aquaculture and ornamental fish culture sectors, this mega event involves an exposition on recent developments in aquaculture and ornamental fish sector along with technical sessions focusing on themes relevant for the development of the sectors attracting large number of farmers, hatchery operators, feed manufacturers, input suppliers, manufacturers and suppliers of various aquaculture and aquarium implements, Scientists and experts around the world.

Continuing Saga of Success. . .

The last edition of the event held at Vijayawada was an overwhelming success with 158 exhibitors,7700 delegates and thousands of visitors at the expo. The technical sessions handled by world renowned speakers on various aspects of Aquaculture and ornamental fish attracted tremendous response from the delegates.

Who is participating in the event…

In the ornamental fish sector apart from ornamental Fish Breeders/Traders/Exporters, the exhibition also comprise of Manufacturers/ Suppliers of;

  • Aquarium Tanks
  • Equipments(Filter, Pumps, Aerators, Heaters, Regulators, etc)
  • Measuring Instruments, assorted equipments, accessories
  • Fish food, health treatments, salts, water additives/adjusters
  • Aquarium furniture & Illumination
  • Packaging Materials, Equipments& Machinery
  • Aquarium Accessories
  • Soil and fertilizer

In the aquaculture sector apart from the Aqua culturists and Hatchery Operators, the Exhibitors will also comprise of Manufacturers/Suppliers of;

  • Organic Aquaculture products
  • Aquaculture equipment, Spawning incubators and closed circuit equipment
  • Aquaculture Technology Providers
  • Oxygen and air provision systems
  • Aquatic Pest Control systems
  • Cage Culture Systems
  • Cleaning products and disinfectants
  • Cleaning, Grading, Peeling, Scaling and Filleting Equipments
  • Cold chain, Refrigeration Technology/Equipments and cooling systems
  • Crate Manufacturers &Storage Systems
  • Feed and feed additives
  • Feeding systems
  • Fish farms Aquaculture
  • Fish feeds & Feed Ingredient Manufacturers
  • Fish Nets, lines, buoys, Floats and Fishing Equipments and Marine motors
  • Fish/Prawn Breeders
  • Healthy and Safety equipments manufactures & suppliers
  • Ice Making Machinery
  • Live Chilled frozen and value added product manufacturers
  • Loading systems
  • Measuring and Analysis systems
  • Waste Management Plants
  • Water Pumps and Floaters, Feeding Purifiers

Apart from above exhibitors from Co-operatives, Associations and Periodicals, Financial and insurance services, Logistics and transport, Pharmaceuticals, vaccines and drugs, Various fisheries associations, Consultancy services, Publications, Fisheries board/Govt. departments / Organizations /Institutes / Universities etc will be participating in the show.

Who can register as delegates …

Farmers, Entrepreneurs from all areas of Aquaculture and Aquariculture sectors can register as delegates, Students /researchers in fisheries/aquaculture field are welcome for the exhibition and technical sessions. Delegates and exhibitors will have access to all the technical sessions.

Aqua Aquaria India 2017 offers an excellent platform for aquaculture farmers and ornamental fish breeders to gather latest knowledge in farming practices and acquire practical knowledge.


  • The standard shell scheme stall size 9 sq.m. (3m x 3m) or 4 sq.m (2x2m)
  • Each 9 sq.m. stall will be provided with one counter, 3 chairs, three spot lights, one power outlet(5A,230V,50Hz), Waste basket. Two exhibitor pass & 25 visitor passes.
  • Each 4 sq.m. stall will be provided with one counter, 2 chairs, two spot lights, one power outlet(5A,230V,50Hz), Waste basket. One exhibitor pass & 25 visitor passes.
  • Each Aquarium stall will be provided with 500 litres of water for keeping fishes.
  • Any extra requirement for furniture, power or water will be charged separately by the service providers.
Stall size Indian(Rs)* Overseas(US$)*
Stall Rental( 3x3m)



Stall Rental(2x2m)



*Applicable service tax will be extra 10 AM to 12AM – Inauguration
Delegates Fee: Including Service Tax 10 AM to 6PM -Exhibiton

Farmers Enrolled with MPEDA

Rs. 500

1PM to 2PM- Lunch Break

Other Farmers

Rs. 750

2PM to 5PM- Technical Session-1

Student Delegates*

Rs. 100


Overseas Delegates*

US$ 100 10AM to 8 PM-Exhibition
(*Allowed only against production of valid ID Card) 10AM to 1PM-Technical Session2

ADVERTISEMENT TARIFF “(for fair Catalogue plus souvenir)

1PM to 2PM- Lunch Break



2PM to 5PM- Technical Session-3
Back Cover page



Front Inside Cover Page



10AM to 6 PM- Exhibition
Back inside cover



10AM to 1PM-Technical Session2
Ful Page (Colour)



1PM to 2PM- Lunch Break

# Applicable Service Tax will be extra

Sponsorship Opportunities

Aqua Aquaria India 2017 is an ideal Platform for reaching larger targeted customers by becoming a sponsor of this event.

Venue :

Nehru Maidan, Mangalore, Karnataka, India


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