Bayer Develops Water Sampler

Water analysis plays a crucial role in pond management .It is important that farmers collect water samples in a proper manner to get accurate results. This helps farmers take corrective measures to improve water quality in the farm, which leads to better productivity.

Currently, majority of aqua farmers collect water samples in an unscientific manner either by entering into the pond or with a temporarily-made sampler (e.g., bottle attached to a bamboo stick). The first method may lead to cross contamination while the second may not give an accurate result as in this system, the bottle remain capped and water parameters may change as soon as the water in the bottle comes in contact with the oxygen outside the pond.

Considering this, Bayer has developed a water sampler for aqua farmers.


The company reports that the objectives behind the water sampler are:

-Protection against cross contamination as farmers need not enter the pond to collect a water sample

-The bottle will be capped automatically inside the pond; hence accurate results can be expected

-Reduces the water sampling time (Hardly takes 1-2 minutes)

-The same water can be used for sampling in another pond by following proper disinfection process after each use.

This water sampler would be available in the market soon.

Source : Fishing Chimes

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