Artemia(Artemia Franciscana)

A universal balanced diet for early stages of fish and shrimp

  • Artemia franciscana is a species of brine shrimp.
  • Every year India is importing Artemia cyst for a worth of around Rs.200 crore from abroad.
  • Due to lack of proper hands on technology commercial leval Artemia cyst production not yet started in the country
  • RGCA’s Artemia project locaed at Tharuvaikulam village in Tuticorin District has standardized the farming technology for the production of artemia cyst and biomass in solar salt ponds.
  • RGCA is producing Artemia biomass and dried Artemia Cyst for use in marine fin fish and shefish hatcheries / ornamental fish breeding units.
  • RGCA’s Artemia biomass (enriched with microalgae, rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids) helps to improve the performance of brooders in shrimp hatcheries.
  • RGCA’s ‘Pearl Brand’ Artemia Cyst produced and processed in biosecure conditions and packed hygienically in nitrogen flushed containers has good hatching percentage.
  • The hatched nauplii are small in size and have bright orange in colour which enhances the feeding of fin fish / shell fish larve.

Nutritional facts of microalgae enriched Artemia biomass


Qty. (in g%) (wet wt basis)







RGCA’s Support

  • Production and supply of ‘Pearl Brand’ Artemia Cysts
  • Production and supply of decapsulated Artemia cysts
  • Production and supply of froxen Artemia biomass enriched with highly nutritious microalgae
  • Consultancy services for establishment of artemia biomass/cyst production units in salt pans
  • Training programmes in Artemia Cyst and biomass production from salt pans

Source : RGCA

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