Asian Seabass(Lates calcarifer)

Ideal for farming in all aquatic habitats

The Baramundi or Asian Seabass is a suitable species for aquaculture in fresh/brackish/saline waters

Aqua- Business options of seabass

  • Ideal for farming in fresh, brackish and seawaters.
  • Nursery rearing of Seabass fry to fingerlings. Recommended to use formulated weaning diets (0.3mm sixe onwards) in nursery phase.
  • Grow-Out culture of Seabass in cages in open seas estuaries, brackishwater ponds & fresh water ponds are the best commercial options.
  • The optimum size for stocking in grow-out cages I s>10cms size. Formulated floating extruded feeds are recommended.
  • Grow-out culture in open ponds is also possible. The best size for stocking in open ponds is >100gms.

MPEDA-RGCA standardized the seed production and grow-out farming technology of Asian Seabass at its hatchery facility at Thoduvai and Aquaculture Demonstration farm at Karaikkal respectively.

RGCA’s Support

  • Year round supply of seabass seed from its hatchery
  • Consultancy service for the establishment of seabass hatcheries & nurseries
  • Technical assistance for seabass grow out
  • Training programmes on best husbandry practices of seabass

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