CAA gets tough on hatchery operators

In a move to ensure that the farmers get seeds that are produced in the most biosecure conditions, The Coastal Aquaculture Authority issues an advisory notice toHatchery operator in June 2018 to strictly operate Hatcheries as per CAA Act and Guidelines. Hatcheries were advised to ensure that they had shower and change rooms at each entry point of PLRT/LRT/ Maturation units, adequate coverings on the drain canals in larval section: mesh on windows/ exhaust outlets in larval sections; a fully functional PCR Laboratory and a proper Effluent Treatment System (ETS) depending on the Volume of discharge water from the hatchery.

CAA has also made it mandatory to for the hatchery operators to intimate the Authority on the details of the broodstock (either imported or sourced from RGCABMC) being discarded from the hatchery after use providing details of the date of procurement, the date of discarding along with the proof that the stocks are being discarded. This is to curb the overuse of broodstock by hatchery operators beyond the period specified by the CAA.

Source: Aquaculture Spectrum

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