In today’s world, where consumers are extremely conscious of the food quality they eat and the manner in which they are produced, eco-friendly farming is essential for the success of aquaculture ventures. Realizing this present need of the society, the Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, Chennai in collaboration with the Society of Coastal Aquaculture and Fisheries (SCAFI) is hosting the World Brackishwater Aquaculture Conference (BRAQCON 2019) from January 23-25, 2019 at Chennai. The conference is expected to “Think Globally” for aquaculture development with strong R & D base and inputs, and act “Locally” for implementing responsible practices in fisheries and aquaculture.

In the present scenario, where brackishwater aquaculture, particularly shrimp farming is fast growing there is a need to harmonise the ecosystem that supports the farming systems. BRAQCON 2019 envisages focusing on Brackishwater Aquaculture, Coastal ecosystem, Food security and Societal development. Current needs and issues concerning the brackishwater ecosystem, species diversification, nutrition and feed biotechnology, disease and health management, genetics, genomics and biotechnology, economics are the major topics identified for deliberation during BRAQCON 2019. The conference intends to provide a unique platform for knowledge interaction among the scientists, researchers, private sector and farmers besides fostering cooperation between concerned governmental and non- governmental organizations for advancement in brackish water aquaculture.

A special session on Aquaculture Farmers Conclave” would also be held during BRAQCON 2019 which would focus on ground level issues faced by brackishwater aquaculture farmers and communicate their requirements to policy makers, researchers and ecosystem conservators and fetch solutions. Similarly another session, the Aquaculture start-up meeting, for preparing young entrepreneurs to venture into aquaculture business would also be conducted. In addition to all these, research papers submitted during BRAQCON would be selected after peer review process and published in Journal of Coastal Research.

Further, BRAQCON 2019 also intends to showcase recent developments, technologies and products in brackishwater aquaculture and fisheries, providing opportunity to seafood industries, SPF broodstock suppliers, ornamental fish breeders, aquacultureentrepreneurs etc., to exhibit their products and services.

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Source: Aquaculture Spectrum

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