The Research Centre of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Mangalore demonstrated the method of culturing sea weed to the coastal community of Alvaekodi village of Udupi district, Karnataka, south west coast of India on 7th of March 2018. The demonstration programme was carried out as a part of the “CLIMATE SMART VILLAGE (CSV)” programme under the National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) project.

The key objective of the programme was to create awareness to the coastal community on alternate livelihood options; facilitate sustainable increase in agriculture, fisheries, poultry, goat farming and other allied sectors to improve their socio economic status in the backdrop of climate change. A study conducted on the vulnerabilities to climate change along the coastal districts in Karnataka under NICRA project indicated that Udupi district is more vulnerable to accelerated sea level rise (SLR) and hence has led the team of Scientists of NICRA project at RC of CMFRI, Mangalore comprising of Dr. Dineshbabu, A.P., Dr. Sujitha Thomas, Dr. Rajesh K.M., to adopt Alivekodi Village Paduvari Gram Panchayat, Udupi district to upgrade it to “Climate Smart Village (CSV)”.

The programme conducted by Dr. Prathibha Rohit, Scientist- in – Charge and staff of RC of Mangalore was inaugurated by Shri. Sadashiva D. Paduvari, Vice President, Paduvari Gram Panchayat.


Source: Aquaculture Spectrum

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