Immunostimulants – The name says it all. It is a chemical drug that is used to the increase the innate immune system and growth rate in Aquaculture.

How did it start?

Due to the increase in Aquaculture farming and using of various drugs and artificial chemicals, diseases frequency rate also increased to a great extent which is resulting in poor growth rate and immune system of shrimp and fishes. Antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, vaccinations have been used extensively to control the diseases and neither of it worked as a effective strategy to reduce it.  Then a alternative strategy has been proposed that is to strengthen the immune system of the aquatic species by Immunostimulants. It is said to be the promising way to decrease diseases in aquatic species.

Immunostimulants are mostly extracted from Bacterial derivatives, Yeast derivatives, Algal derivatives, Animal and plant extracts, vitamins and hormones

Mostly used Immunostimulants:

β-Glucans : These are from higher plants and yeast cell wall. The can be either injected or fed. Several Glucan products are used as supplements in fish feeds

Muramyl dipeptide: are used for the enhancement of antibody activity

Levamisole are used for the stimulation of pathagocytic activity of macrophages and neutrophils.

Other Immunostimulants include Vitamin C and E, Microorganisms, herbs,

Features of Immunostimulants:

1) It should be able to recover primary and secondary immunity system of infectious agents

2) It should effectively work in the long run

3) Compatible with other drugs

4) Affordable

5) Tasteless

Right time:

It is also very important to give immunostimmulants at the right time. As it is said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, we should also give them prior to the disease outbreak. Right time and right dosage leads to higher effect.

When it comes to immunostimulants most of the farmers are brand specific and they go with the brands that are referred by the technicians. Aquafarmers can purchase variety of Immunostimulants, check various brands, prices online at Aquadeals . Below listed are the major and most preferred brands by Aquafarmers.

De Generic Bio – Tech Private Limited

Srinivasa Cystine

PVS Laboratories

Trust Biotech

Sterline Bio Remedies


Dossonic Bio Care

Will Pharmaceutical


J.S. Pharma Chem

Reddy Drugs(KGR Marketing)

Till Bio sciences


Gentle Bio-Sciences

Marine Aqua Technologies

Synergy Biotech

PVS Laboratories

Raja Sree Bio Solutions

Abode Biotech India Pvt Ltd


Growel Formulations PVt Ltd

Nexell Laboratories pvt. ltd

IMKURAQ Animal Health Pvt Ltd

No doubt we can say that immunostimulants is a effective method for aquaculture sustainability, it has been a very effective method to control diseases and promoting better results in aquaculture output.


Source: Aquadeals

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