Sanitizers in Aquaculture

Sanitizer in general terms means “cleaning something to make it bacteria free or disease free” In aquaculture also sanitizers are meant for the same.

Sanitizers help against disinfections, bacteria and pathogens. At times if they are unable to eradicate completely, they help in not spreading to the other aqua species


Inspite of all the precautions taken there are some bacteria, fungus, arugulas, pathogen which affects the shrimp and fish. The eradicate bacteria to the microscopic level, sanitizers are used in aquaculture.

Properties of Sanitizers:

  • Low toxicity
  • Activity in the presence of Pus and necrotic tissue
  • Non interference with normal healing processes
  • Cost effective
  • Higher degree of stability

Role of Sanitizers :

  • Fight against Pathogens
  • Enhances growth rate and health of the species
  • Fight against bacteria and virus
  • Nature free
  • Works on microscopic level
  • Immediate result

When using the sanitizers the composition and usage must be known before usage. Under or over usage might show negative results. Most of the sanitizers are easy to use and handle. Dosage must be given based on the condition of the farm.

While purchasing sanitizers’ farmers should see the composition, effectiveness of the product and quality tested products. Now few online Aqua website had made the job easy by selling quality, approved products online with home delivery. Different types of sanitizers in various brands are available online at Aquadeals at discounted deal prices.

Below listed are few brands of Sanitizers which are mostly preferred.

De Generic Bio – Tech Private Limited



Gentle Bio-Sciences

Microl Remedies

Blue Marine Technologies

Sterline Bio Remedies

Growel Formulations PVt Ltd

Nexell Laboratories pvt. ltd

Trust Biotech

Dr.Raju Laboratories

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd


Synergy Biotech

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd

Danya Tharu Aqua


Guybro Chemicals

Amnion Bio Sciences

These sanitizers helps in giving good FCR by improving and strengthening the species.


Source: Aquadeals

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