Pumping and Piping systems Management in Aquaculture

The Major and the very important requirement for Aquaculture is to have proper pumps and piping systems. With the wide variety of water pumps available today it is very crucial to select the ideal water pump which suits your requirement.

As Aquaculture requires massive water movement and water requirements might vary from species to species depending on the type of culture. Aquaculture requires reliable, efficient pumping systems.

Pumps are used in Aqua culture mainly as a source obtaining water for the purpose of maximizing production per unit area or volume in ponds or tanks and pumps are categorized based on the performance and usage. In aqua culture both fresh water and brackish water is required so farming , so are the pumps categorized.

Centrifugal Pump :This pumps works from medium to moderate levels, for better performance pumps must be placed closed to water level. These are horizontally installed. These are less expensive pumps, but require priming

Turbine pumps are vertical diffusers and are more expensive than their centrifugal counterparts. They have more benefits because of the higher price, including the fact that you can position the pump below the surface of the water. Many people choose this kind of pump when they are working in a condition with a deep well or when whatever the surface source is does not sensibly allow for the position of a horizontal volute pump, like a centrifuge. Also, turbine pumps eliminate the need for priming.

The performance of the pumps is evaluated by the volume and flow of water

Things to consider while purchasing pumps

1The pressure against which it should operate

2) Is it easy to visualize volumes

3) The suction lift (Vertical)

4) Flow of the water

Various things have to be considered and purchase the pumps which suits your method of Aquaculture.

Things to consider while buying pumps

  • Net positive suction head
  • Flexibility
  • Corrosion
  • Maintenance
  • Quality pumped
  • Power utilization
  • Guarantee

Ideal features of the pumps should be

Easy relocation of equipment to different pumping zone.

Fast installation and start-up.

No infrastructure required for installation.

The pump alone cannot operate the flow of water, pressure increase or decrease, so pumps should also be matched with a proper piping system to match and work efficiently. Planning or organizing a proper piping system to the pump is much more important. You can also checkout pipes from the below manufacturers on Aquadeals.

Geekay Hatcheries Pvt Ltd

Airoxi Tubes

While designing the piping system it is very important to consider environmental conditions the pipes will be exposed to, flow rates and their location in the piping system,  lift in feet, length of the pipes, pressure drops in the piping system should be thoroughly understood before designing piping system for Aquaculture.

All segments of our economy, including aquaculture and agriculture, must make the most efficient use of available energy sources. Selecting a correct pumping plant not only will conserve valuable energy supplies but also will reduce total annual pumping costs, Inefficient pumping plants can increase costs drastically.


Source: Aquadeals

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