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Spares – Finding the spare parts for the aqua equipment was a stringent task for the aqua farmers couple of years ago, now with the advancement of Aquaculture and aquaculture products getting the spares parts for your machinery and farm equipment is no longer a worry. Now spare parts are also available online at Aquadeals – One stop shop for all aqua needs. If you haven’t gone through the app, it’s a must app for aqua farmers. You can purchase aqua products at deal prices from different manufacturers and different sellers which are original and precision designed, and easy to install.

All spare parts are also available at Aquadeals, like

Aerator gear box

Aerator motor

Duck wheel Impeller

HDPE floats

HDPE motor cover

Shaft supporter


Lorg Arm Float

Nylon Tripod

Worm Gearbox

Bevel Gearbox

2 HP Havells Motor

The most common complaint from aqua farmers is that spare parts are expensive and delay in getting the spares. There might be many reasons like few spare parts has many equipment hence there might be a delay and few has just the basic equipment which are available easily. The consequence in delay in getting the spares includes closing the system for a long time, so manufacturers should look into it that the spare parts are available easily.

Below are the mostly preferred spare parts manufacturers by Aqua farmers.

Airoxi Tubes

Aqua Air systems

Ardis Enviro Solutions

CP India Pvt Ltd

SRR Aqua Suppliers

TSL Aqua

Nandini Gears

Now a positive sign on spare parts is that they are available easily with premium quality raw materials, genuine, long lasting, original and durable.



Source: Aquadeals

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