Role of Probiotics in Aquaculture

Probiotics  are micro organisms consumed to provide health benefits when consumed. They actually fight against any diseases and bad bacteria. They actually fight against bad bacteria and keeps the good bacteria. Probiotics are called as good bacteria.

As per the definition “The species normally used as probiotics in animal nutrition are usually non-pathogenic normal microflora, such as lactic-acid bacteria (Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Streptococcus and Enterococcus) and yeasts as Saccharomyces spp”.

Probiotics in Aquaculture:

probiotics concept in aquaculture had started a while ago stating that probiotics are micro organisms, when given in adequate amount is beneficial for the host. It is used for disease prevention and control in aquaculture.

Objectives of probiotics in Aquaculture

Provide essential nutrients

Fight against diseases that occur in the aqua species

Increase immunity

Work on digestive system

Keep the species healthy

Disadvantages of probiotics:

They should be given considering the health of the species, growth rate and other conditions, also right quantity should be given in the right time. Negligence to do so might result in the complete loss of the aqua farming.

Effective probiotics

Probiotics which has the strong ability to antagonise host pathogens, non pathogenic to host, available at a reasonable low cost. There are different types of probiotics for different aqua species

Dosage and application also varies from one product to another but when application it should be spread evenly throughout the pond and should not use it very often.

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Major brands of Probiotics are listed below, do check it out.

Biostadt India Limited

SKS Bio Products Ltd

De Generic Bio – Tech Private Limited

Maple Orgtech (India) Ltd

Sanzyme LTD


For U International

Aries Agro (STB Marketing Pvt Ltd)

Reddy Drugs (KGR MArketing)

C P Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Sterline Bio Remedies


Microl Remedies

Genesis Formulations


Srinivasa Cystine

Raja Sree Bio Solutions

Gentle Bio-Sciences

Synergy Biotech


Will Pharmaceutical

Biomed Techno Ventures

Bio Genetics


Aqua Tech Formulations


Nutri Bio Pharma

J.S. Pharma Chem

Nexell Laboratories Pvt. ltd

Leo Aqua Laboratories

Nutri Bio Pharma

KSK Biotech

Danya Tharu Aqua

Guybro Chemicals

Amnion Bio Sciences


Sree Vyshnavi Chem

Sujala Biotech

The benefits of probiotics leads to successful Aquaculture.


Source: Aquadeals

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