Oxygenation in Aquaculture

No living beings can survive without oxygen, same as Aqua species. It is very important in aquaculture for the growth of health fish, prawn and to reduce the loss of fish, it is essential that the aqua species get enough oxygen in the ponds.

How does Oxygen supplies to the pond :

As we all know that the oxygen from the atmosphere go to the pond, also water absorbs the oxygen from the plants but it is not possible and sufficient at all the times. So with the advancement of aquaculture aqua farmers also started using artificial oxygen to aquatic species in the ponds.

Oxygen consumption by fish :

Oxygen consumption by fish also varies from species to species. Few fish requires more or enough oxygen, a small level in decrease in oxygen also results in losses. Few fish requires oxygen and also can tolerate and sustain if there is a decrease in oxygen level .

The main AIM of Aqua farmers is for a high stocking density at low water consumption, this can only be possible if sufficient oxygen supply.

In the recent times most of the aqua farmers are depending on the artificial ways of oxygen supply to the ponds because adding dissolved oxygen into the water in the farms results in sufficient supply of oxygen during peak times, growth of fish and profitable output. An ideal 70 to 80% of dissolved oxygen in the water will get desirable production. We can also purchase oxygen suppliers to farms online at Aquadeals.

Below listed are the few Major Brands of Oxygen products

Biostadt India Limited

De Generic Bio – Tech Private Limited

Sanzyme Ltd

Growel Formulations Pvt Ltd


CP India Pvt Ltd

Srinivasa Cystine

Guybro Chemicals

Bio Genetics

Nexell Laboratories pvt. ltd


Sterline Bio Remedies

J.S Pharma Chem

Leo Aqua Laboratories

Vam Life Sciences

Danya Tharu Aqua

Guybro Chemicals

Amnion Bio Sciences

Benefits of Artificial oxygen supply :

Purifies toxic gases from water

Cleans the pond bottom, absorbs bacteria suspended soils  and dirt

Helps and increases the amount of dissolved oxygen supply in the ponds

Regulates fluctuations in pH

Destroys pathogen

Helps in better growth rate and sustainability of the species.


The dosage and application of oxygen cakes vary from pong to pond. Various factors are conider while using these, like the pond size, water quality, type of species,  growth rate and quantity of species etc. Mostly farmers go with the expert technician suggestions.

It is advisable to spread the Oxygen cakes uniformly in the bottom of the ponds in the nights to compensate the inadequate oxygen supply that generally occurs in the mornings.

These artificial oxygen products have become the life savers for aqua farmers. With all this advancement soon we can see the right supply for the right demand of the aqua products.


Source: Aquadeals


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