Scampi(Macrobrachium rosenbergii)

A high value species for fresh water aquaculture

Scampi commonly known as Giant fresh water prawn is a native to the Indo- Pacificregion, northern Austrila and Southeast Asia.

Scampi shows Heterogeneous Individual Growth (HIG) with males reaching to a total length of 320 mm and females to 250 mm.

Giant freshwater prawns have always been considered as a suitable species for fresh water aquaculture reared in a variety of fresh water enclosures including tanks, irrigation ditches, cages, pens, reservoirs, and natural waters and the commonest form being earthen ponds.

  • RGCA has implemented Selective Breeding Programme of Indian Scampi which is first of its kind in the country and 4th Generation Broodstock is under rearing now.
  • For the first time in the sub-continent, the neo-female has been developed and standardized all male seed production technology through neofemales.

Benefits of all male scampi

  • Uniform size
  • Faster growth and early to market
  • Disease resistance
  • Low FCR
  • Higher yield comparatively with mixed population
  • Less labor intensive

RGCA’S Support

  • Supply of selectively bred high quality broodstock to the commercial hatcheries
  • Technology transfer for the neofemale production
  • Training programmes on best husbandry practices.

Source : RGCA

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