SPF L. vannamei Brood stock(Litopeneaus vannamei)

The back bone of Indian seafood export

  • In 2009 Litopeneaus vannamei commonly known as the Pacific White Shrimp introduced in India for commercial farming.
  • Within three years of its introduction Litopenaeus vannamei has become the most preferred species of shrimp for aquaculture in the country and contributed around 69% of the shrimp export from the country during 2015-16 periods.
  • From 2010 onwards there has been an exponential increase in demand for SPF broodstock for seed production in the country.
  • MPEDA-RGCA established te first Broodstock Multiplication Centre (BMC) for L. vannamei in 2012 at vizag and till date this facility is the only one of its kind in the country.
  • The BMC facility of MPEDA-RGCA is supplying domestically raised SPF L.vannamei brooders in a cheaper rate than the imported brooders.
  • The facility has produced and supplied around 1,25,449 numbers of L.vannamei broodstock to approved hatchery operators in India since April, 2013. Which contributes around 16% of the SPF L.vannamei brooders used in the country during this periods.

RGCA’s Support

  • Supply of SPF L.vannamei broodstock
  • Consultancy services for the establishment of SPF L.vannamei BMC

Source : RGCA

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