Soil and water Treatment in Aquaculture

Suitable soil and Water quality are the essential requisites for Aquaculture. The selection of site with a suitable soil and proper water supply ensures success in aquaculture.

Suitable Soil:

Soil must hold the water and should not contain less than 20 percent clay for sustainable aquaculture. The texture of the soil should be clay, Sandy clay, Loam, sandy loam and Should be able to remove phosphorous from water

Suitable Water:

Aquaculture requires abundant water supply. So the site should be selected accordingly.

Water should be pure and free from disinfectants. Sources of water, physical and chemical factors also should be considered.

However different aqua species requires and grow well in different temperature, Ph, oxygen, concentration, salinity, hardness etc. So type of species also should be considered .

We have to monitor the pond regularly to know the condition of water and soil. The pH level should not vary more than 0.5 in a day and The Eh of pond sediment should not exceed -200 mV.

Soil and water treatment:

It is also very important that the soil and water should be treated for good results in aquaculture. The bacteria, fungus, pathogen and other wastes released by the species, might affect the fish and prawn in the water.

It is also important the exchange the water which will help in maintaining water quality

The two most important nutrients in pond aquaculture are nitrogen and phosphorus because these two nutrients often are present in short supply and limit phytoplankton growth. In the earlier articles we had also discussed about Oxygen, Probiotics , Immunostimulants , Sanitizers all these products also play a key role in soil and water Management. Adding to these we also have few products which are only meant for soil and water treatments. Few products are listed below.


SKS Bio Products LTD

Biostadt India Limited

Synergy Biotech

Srinivasa Cystine


Microl Remedies

Sterline Bio Remedies

Vet Win International

Till Bio sciences



Gentle Bio-Sciences

Keetone House

Bio Genetics

Nexell Laboratories pvt. ltd

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

PVS Laboratories

Genesis Formulations

Marine Aqua Technologies

Dr.Raju Laboratories

Chemi Fine Formulations Pvt Ltd

Growel Formulations PVt Ltd


C P Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd.

Sanzyme LTD

Will Pharmaceutical

Raja Sree Bio Solutions

For U International

All the above products possess the qualities to eliminate ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide which are common in Aqua Farming. They also helps in reduces the amount of sludge produced and increases the feed conversion ratio, which is the primary motto of Aqua culture.

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