Did you know this about Prawn feed ?

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector, employing about 9 million people (FAO, 2000) and Aquaculture is producing over 1/3 world supply of seafood.

In Aquaculture to get profitable output with health species providing selective feed is essential. We can discuss about Feed for Prawn.

Prawn feed Ingredients:

A typical prawn feed ingredients include 35 percent protein shrimp diet are wheat flour (35 percent), soybean meal (20 percent) and fishmeal (25 percent) and yeast. These ingredients provide the protein, amino acids and energy in the diet.

While providing feed on regular basis it is important to keep a track of

1) Number of feeding per day,

2) Consumption quantity of feeds

3) Response time

Feed selection and feeding frequency

  • A high quality prawn feed should have good water stability, Nutritional benefits, FCR 1, STRINGENT QUALITY CONTROL.
  • Prawns are fed 3-4 times per day, with the last feed being given close to night.
  • It is ALWAYS better to under-feed then over-feed
  • Check if the species is eating the feed or not, if it is not eating feed should be removed from the pond to prevent water contamination
  • Shrimp need a pelleted feed. Some farmers feed a sinking catfish feed.
  • Feed should be selected such that feed should hold the shape for few hours, and should not break it shape and pollute water.

Depending upon the pond size feed is supplied to the pongs by hand, blowers or auto feeders.

Feed prices

Shrimp feed prices shows that the feeds for P. vannamei are generally cheaper, as they require lower nutritional needs, including protein levels. Feed prices also varies from brand to brand. Listed below are the few major suppliers of fish feed with price at Aquadeals.

Growel Feeds

Avanti Feeds Limited


Godrej Agrovet Limited

Fedora sea Foods Pvt Ltd

C P Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd

Sheng Long


Grobest Feeds

Water Base

Vam Life Sciences

Protocol ltd

CP Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd


Devi Sea Foods

BMR Feeds

Feed should have the proper nutrient supply required for the species. Failing might lead to the loss of the culture. Providing proper healthy feed would result in Bigger, healthier, faster-growing prawns with high market value.

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Source: Aquadeals

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