A four day (12-15th June’18 training programme on “ Canal Fisheries Development” was conducted at Barrackpore, Kolkata by the Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute(CIFRI), for the benefit of tribal fisheries. The training was focused on various aspects of canal fisheries, such as fish production enhancement in canals, natural fish food organism, scope of integrated fish farming, fish feed preparation and feeding strategy, record keeping , fish disease management and best management practices, soil and water quality management etc.

Practical sessions on fish feed preparation, water quality analysis and a field exposure visit to fish seed market was also organized. A training manual on “Canal Fisheries Development” in the local “Bangla” language was also distributed to the trainees for their reference. The fishers who participated in the programme were advised to utilize the knowledge gained during the training to improve the fish Production and their livelihoods.

Source: Aquaculture Spectrum

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