Andhra Pradesh Government to Take Proactive Steps to Ban Antibiotic Usage

The fisheries sector has been identified as an important ‘growth engine’ for economic generation, by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Aqua production being a key factor in the growth engine, there has been serious concerns over the use of antibiotics in aquaculture affecting the export of marine products. This is because of concerns by the importing nations that antibiotic residues in fish, shrimp, etc lead to the development of resistance in pathogens to antibiotics which lead to potential health problems for humans.

Therefore, going by the proposal of the commissioner of Fisheries, the AP government has decided t set up District Level Committees and Task Forces Committees that would take stringent measures to curb the usage of antibiotics and other pharmacologically active substances banned by the Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA). The Government Order released on 11th January, 2017 also stresses on selling only CAA registered products that are properly labeled in the Aqua shops. Those found violating the rules would be fined Rs.25, 000/- as first offense and on the second offense, would be fined Rs. 50,000/- and the license of the aqua shop would be revoked.

Source : Fishing Chimes

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