Mangrove Mud Crab (Scylla serrata)

Superior species for live export

Mangrove Mud Crab- Scylla serrata is a highly preferred commodity in the International Seafood market.

Over dependence on natural resources of this crab has resulted in the stagnation of production of this species across the world including India.

Aqua-Business options of Mangrove Mud Crab:

  • Nursery rearing of crab instar to crablet.
  • Nursery rearing of crablet to juveniles.
  • Grow-out culture in brackish water ponds form crablet/ juveniles to marketable size.
  • Fattening of Mangrove mud crab in pens / ponds using juvenile crabs.
  • Soft shell crab production using juvenile crabs.
  • Eco-Friendly pen culture in mangrove areas using crablets
  • RGCA standardized the breeding and seed production of mangrove mud crab at its state-of-the-art exclusive Mangrove Mud Crab Hatchery facility at Thoduvai, Nagapattinam Dist,. Tamilnadu.
  • This facility is the only one of its kind in the country and one among the few facilities in the world.

RGCA’s Support

  • Production and supply of mangrove mud crab seed free from WSSV
  • Consultancey for the establishment of mangrove mud crab hatcheries & nurseries
  • Technical assistance for mangrove mud crab grow out in open pond as well as in pens
  • Technical assistance for fattening and soft shell crab production
  • Training programmes in breeding, seed production and grow out of mangrove mud crab

Source : RGCA

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