System Diversification

Aquaculture systems range from very extensive, semi-intensive and highly intensive to hyper-intensive. Aquaculture systems range from traditional earthen pond to an intensive bio-secure indoor system monitored with high-tech equipment. Based […]

Water Management

International Water Management Institute (IWMI) revealed that by 2025, nearly 1/3rd of world’s population would live in the regions of severe water scarcity and the same proportion of population in […]

Species Diversification

As mentioned earlier, the freshwater aquaculture in India is mainly carp-based. The carps together contribute to more than 82% of total aquaculture production. However, since carp is considered as a […]

Aquaculture Certification

Fish is one of the most highly traded food commodities globally. According to FAO, global trade of fish and fishery products reached $136 billion in 2013. EU, US and Japan […]

Aquatic animal quarantine

Aquatic animals are widely translocated across countries for enhancing aquaculture productions and species diversification. Such trans-boundary movement of live aquatic animals has the risk of introduction of new diseases. Responsible […]