Cobia(Rachycentron canadum)

The Faster growing cultivable marine fin fish

Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) commonly called as black kingfish is considered to be one of the most suitable candidates for warm, open-water marine fish aquaculture in the world.

Highlights of Cobia:

  • Its rapid growth rate and the high quality of the flesh made it one of the most important marine fish for aquaculture production
  • Attains 6 to 8kg. in 1-1.5 years

RGCA’s Marine Fin fish Hatchery Project at Pozhiyoor Village in Thiruvananthapauram District, Kerela standardized technology for breeding and seed productionof Cobia and developed protocols for selection of broodstock, broodstock quarantining spawning & hatching, larval rearing and grow- out farming of cobia in open sea cages.

RGCA’s Support:

  • Supply of Cobia finger lings to farmers, Research Institutes and grow – out farming demonstration programmes.
  • Conducts awareness programmes on the potential of Cobia farming in sea cages for the benefit of fisher folk as an additional source of livelihood.
  • Conducts training programme on “Open water cage farming and Cage fabrication”
  • Demonstration of trial grow-out culture of Cobia in open sea cages

Source : RGCA

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