Shrimp Farming Tips from Dr. Manoj M Sharma

Feeding shrimp ponds during summer months

  • Strong heat wave conditions are experienced in India during summer months when pond temperatures exceed 32oC.
  • Shrimp shows erratic feeding behaviour at such high temperatures and tend to consume more feed than under normal conditions.
  • Farmers are to be very careful not to over feed the shrimp during this period.
  • Avoid feeding from 1 to 4 pm. This will help to minimize feed wastage through excretion as the assimilation efficiency of the feed would be less during this period.
  • Such high temperatures are very conducive for vibrio growth.
  • Run aerators especially during 1 to 4 pm to allow thorough mixing of pond water and prevent it from stratification. Even if the shrimp in your ponds are small sized, aeration is a must, particularly during summer months.
  • Feed the shrimps as per the feeding chart and try to feed more in morning and evening hours.
  • Use good quality feed probiotics and water probiotic to reduce bacterial loads.


Source : Aquaculture Spectrum

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