Training course in Aquatic Animal Health & Advanced Aquatic Animal Nutrition Chonburi, Thailand 16th – 20th June 2018

Using internationally recognised educators and experts in aquaculture, this course in aquatic animal health will provide an overview of the main aquatic pathogens impacting on Asia’s key aquaculture species with representative examples from fresh, brackish and marine water systems. This blended course, using taught materials, hands-on practicals and farm visits, will teach participants to recognise the signs of disease, to conduct a series of pond side and advanced diagnostic methods to confirm the presence of certain viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases, will provide instruction on what biosecurity measures should be implemented to minimise the likelihood of disease episodes, what to do in the event of disease outbreaks, and, how to manage and control infections to minimise economic loss. Within the advanced aquatic animal nutrition component, aspects of fish nutrition and fish feed production process will be covered alongside information on fish meal replacement; larval shrimp feed; and, the use of probiotics, biofloc and pond health management.


To register for the course or to obtain further information, please contact:

Dr Andy Shinn
+66 92 360 9119 (Thailand)

Mrs Nattawadee Wattanapongchart
+66 94 919 5162 (Thailand)

Dr Jeherul Islam
+91 84720 92140 (India)

Dr Amit Das
+91 91637 57761 (India)



Source: Aquaculture Spectrum

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