Water Quality Testers in Aquaculture

Water analysis is commonly required in aquaculture to making decisions on water quality management in aquaculture ponds. It is needed to monitor dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, flow, level, and other sensors. Based on those measurements valves, pumps, chemical injectors, aerators, and other devices are controlled to maintain appropriate water quality and quantity for the aquaculture operation.

Why do we require water testers in Aquaculture

Increased environmental regulations, decreasing clean water availability, and increasing costs are impacting the sustainability of the aquaculture industry. Aquaculture requires abundant water supply. Water should be pure and free from disinfectants. Sources of water, physical and chemical factors also should be considered. Contamination of water and dissolved oxygen in the water might result in complete loss of the species. The quality of the water in the production systems can significantly affect the organism’s health and the costs associated with getting a product to the market. It is important to establish a standardized water quality testing protocol for your particular situation. Know the tolerance range for your culture species, establish critical levels, and be prepared to act if a problem occurs.

However different aqua species requires and grow well in different temperature, Ph, oxygen, concentration, salinity, hardness etc, and the temperatures should be set accordingly in the testers.

What should water testers record

Water quality testers should records water quality around the time providing data and alerts when required. parameters that are commonly monitored in the aquaculture

Dissolved oxygen








Flow  and level



They work on based on preset times or based on the concentration of dissolved oxygen, as measured by the sensors. Alarms are sent to phone when oxygen levels reach preset danger levels. With the advancement of aquaculture technology with these water quality testers every minute change in the water level can be detected by sensors like dissolved oxygen sensors, ORP sensors, pH sensors, Turbidity sensors, Water temperature probes, Water samplers, water level, stage and flow sensors with data loggers.

All sensors discussed above should be included

  • Easy guide to usage
  • Digital smart sensors are automatically recognized by the instrument and store calibration data
  • User-replaceable cables and sensors
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to operate
  • Reliability of the product
  • GPS and geolocation
  • Depth sensors
  • Huge memory
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Water proof
  • UnBreakable
  • Cost effective

These water testers are also available online at Aquadeals from leading manufacturers Airoxi tubes and CP India Pvt Ltd. Water testers and soil and water treatments go hand in hand in aqua culture when properly taken care results in high rate of production of species.

Farmers who concentrate on water quality testing are more likely to get maximum production, high revenue and market value for the species.


Source: Aquadeals

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