WHITE FAECES SYNDROME– SIGNS – Faeces become pale white, float on water surface – Hepatopancreas becomes whitish and soft, shrunken. – Transformation, sloughing and aggregation of hepatopancreatic microvilli into vermiform […]

Synbiotics in nurseries

• Before FRB: 60-75% survival • After FRB: 80-90% survival • Juveniles grew faster (2-5 days) • Increased survival in grow-out ponds • 50 ppm FRB daily (5 kilos per […]

Synbiotics...Back to the Future

What is Synbiotics? Prebiotics + Probiotics + Fermentation = Synbiotics Synbiotics is a ”management tool” for quickly stabilizing the water quality and pond bottoms to help control pathogenic disease outbreaks […]

Why Now: The Rise of Shrimp Diseases

Disease “again” Top Challenge for 2018 Goal 1990’s Viruses become the issue Solution : Domestication + Biosecurity Not all viruses kill shrimp, but all killed profits 1999: The year where […]