Synbiotics in nurseries

• Before FRB: 60-75% survival • After FRB: 80-90% survival • Juveniles grew faster (2-5 days) • Increased survival in grow-out ponds • 50 ppm FRB daily (5 kilos per […]

Synbiotics...Back to the Future

What is Synbiotics? Prebiotics + Probiotics + Fermentation = Synbiotics Synbiotics is a ”management tool” for quickly stabilizing the water quality and pond bottoms to help control pathogenic disease outbreaks […]

Why Now: The Rise of Shrimp Diseases

Disease “again” Top Challenge for 2018 Goal 1990’s Viruses become the issue Solution : Domestication + Biosecurity Not all viruses kill shrimp, but all killed profits 1999: The year where […]

UK Importers of EU Shrimp import Bank

Importers in the UK have sought New Delhi’s intervention to stop an imminent ban on Indian seafood exports by the European Union (EU). The EU is apparently unhappy due to […]