Farming Tips

Oxygenation in Aquaculture

No living beings can survive without oxygen, same as Aqua species. It is very important in aquaculture for the growth of health fish, prawn and to reduce the loss of […]

All about Vannamei Seed

Aquaculture – It is known as current booming business. It is not just the source of income for poor but also contributes to national economies. According to the statistics, in […]

GROUPER (Epinephelus sp)

Emerging high valued Marine Fin fish for Aquaculture and live fish export Grouper or cods are commercially very important marine food fishes and are very expensive species. The export market […]

Central Aquaculture Genetics Laboratory

The command centre for all breeding programmes fo RGCA projects The Central Aquaculture Genetics laboratory (CAGL) of MPEDA-RGCA is housed at the technology Transfer & Training Centre of RGCA at […]

Scampi(Macrobrachium rosenbergii)

A¬†high value species for fresh water aquaculture Scampi commonly known as Giant fresh water prawn is a native to the Indo- Pacificregion, northern Austrila and Southeast Asia. Scampi shows Heterogeneous […]

Cobia(Rachycentron canadum)

The Faster growing cultivable marine fin fish Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) commonly called as black kingfish is considered to be one of the most suitable candidates for warm, open-water marine fish […]